EP Haridasan

When My Mother Was sick

Hails from Kerala,India.I am 64 years old,retired from Goverment service ,presently settled in Delhi.My wife is a home maker.We have two sons,both settled in life.By virtue of my job,I have widely travelled across the country and few place abroad too.We are now leading a very happy and peaceful lif…

It was mother's illness that worried me a lot,
I was in my college days,my formative years,
Mother was sick, very weak, and a cardiac patient,
Often got angry with my father for ignoring this fact,
For letting her to continue work in the kitchen non-stop,
Having no resources of my own, I was helpless,
My adolescent emotions manifested in tempers,
Sulks and tempers at every thing came on the way.
I even got annoyed with the birds which squawked,
Mewing of the cats, barking of the dogs and so on,
Irritated me fearing these might deny her any rest,
I even got annoyed at the sun for its dry ferocity,
The wind for its noise and added pollutants,
The calm for denying her a cooling breeze,
In short, all creations seemed a conspiracy,
A silent conspiracy challenging my Mother's existence.


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