Susan Wall

What Kind Of Heart Do You Have?

I am a born again Christian, I go to a church that preaches all the Bible. Some years ago you would call that kind of church a holy rolling church. I am very proud to be called a Christian. He saved from hell and gave me a new life. God saved my soul from hell. I am a mother, a stay at home house w…

Have you ever been hurt yet you forgive
 and that soul will not leave your heart?
You wanted that person to leave your memory
 just like another morning sun rise starts another day.
Yet the art of God's love could not tear you apart from the heart
of the soul who needs to know God loves them.
 God's love will still shine after time has cured the wounds
and will bloom life into the soul that you know needs to grow.
Some say this blows their mind, why do they matter?
 After all look what they have done
God could have done that to you and me.
Sin has created all harm God gives compassion
the lesson is do you want to be more like God?

Susan Wall 6-25-2014