eliseo guerrero cervantes

What is Good in Good Friday?

One Good Friday, my bunso* (at age eight) asked
Me a question I have asked myself all of my
Teen life as a Roman Catholic:
"Daddy, if God, Jesus died on the cross on
Good Friday, how come we call it good?"
Even before I could come up with my answer,
She continued, "It should be called
Bad Friday. Or Mourning Friday, instead."
I told her I agree--wholeheartedly.
Then came Easter Sunday. Walking home from
Church, I told her that I know of no more
A paradox and a contradiction in meaning than
Good Friday; that it is an oxymoron. For as
Inappropriate as it sounds, 'good' is the
Divine Purpose of God,The Father that His Son's
Darkest and worst day be mankind's brightest...
Redemption from sin and eternity in Heaven.
My bunso is right. It is Mourning...
In Germany. And I am glad, "we are not alone."
 * A Tagalog word for "youngest child"

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