Mitchell Herrman

Westside U.S.A. (Tupac Shakur Tribute)

There once was a man.
Some hated, me personally his biggest fan.
The despair brought to you by society,
I know this does not apply to me.
Labled a deviant and accused of rape,
You were hailed as a hero without a cape.
The injustices people wished to ignore were seen by your eyes.
The truths you preached, brushed away as lies.
Each breath came straight from your soul.
Without you the game doesn't feel whole.
Each of your songs will linger,
because you spoke about more than your trigger finger.
Poetry about the wrongs you had retained.
Only to be met by the police and detained.
All you wanted was to spark the next great mind.
An evil motif lying in your verses they will never find.
A new state was created, Westside U.S.A.
Where every car bumped "To Live & Die in L.A.".
The only accepted currency, hopes and dreams,
and the only rules were no haters and fiends.
All visitors are welcomed by a glass of Henneesy,
and a promise of not one single enemy.
All the woman, strictly here to please you.
They run up only to squeaze you.
This is all you wanted,
money and good women flaunted.
Life goes on,
and we can't right our wrongs.
Running the same race but always getting lapped.
Your lyrics so beautifuly described it, trapped.
The world makes very little room for wonder and bliss to enthrall.
The secret, smile through it all.
One last favor, I implore.
Can we pour one out in honor of the legendary Mr. Shakur.