Brittani Bowden


My name's Brittani, I'm 15 years old, and I've been writing poetry for the last few years. I have written around 90 poems in that time. Not entirely sure if that's a great feat or not, but I'm happy with it nonetheless ^-^ And, of course, I will be adding and adding and adding and- okay, you get th…

This daily frame plagues my soul
Locked and trapped within
Only when you rise, dear Moon
Can my soul fly to freedom

All see the Curse
But not the blessing
Yes, it defines thee
But could never control

Surrender to the call
And thy name creates
A creature of beauty and power
To let the Spirit roam

Spirit of Ours runs free
In the shape of Chosen form
A wolf sprints to the Moon’s heartbeat
Savoring the night, ‘til sister Sun arises