Henry S. De Leon

Welcome my Luminous Afflatus

Midnight strikes after I embark on towards my world of everlasting creativity,
dive into the nightfall upon my city,
my words uprising at the arrival of the twilight,
I welcome you to the abode where everything is lit by one's light,
chant with me-
dance with me
the words emerging to the sky pitch black,
link them forward-link them back,
write your past,
make it vast,
in my world, in my city, in my life,
cutting darkness like a sharp sanguinary knife,
ablution with the touch of your finger tips,
dimness rips,
inspiration to my eyes,
my vision not covered in lies,
I create-
and you illuminate
the world in which I live, in which I share with you,
this is my world where I write for you,
where our fantasies merge,
with our dreams at verge,
this world is ours to create, my luminous afflatus.

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