Norman Wilson

Welbert my Cat

IntroductionForgotten are the times the tick of a clock once chimed sobering sounds that caressed my hearts nightly dreams. As I awaken to the touch of light that burns upon a candles wick flickering my words for all to see. This drives my thoughts through the darkest of nights of loneliness that r…

Welbert My Cat
From eyes that flame, bursting in sight
to a soul that glows on the edge of light
nine lives he has and none taken away
as he prowls by dark and sleeps by day

His cunning is keen and claws very sharp
as he jaunts the night, and haunts in the dark
weaving and bobbing is my Blue Minks cat
who still manages to stalk and catch the rat.

Nothing is safe that becomes Welbert's prey.
You must realize he is not any old stray
he purrs when he is content, he hisses when he is mad.
Then he meows aloud when he is sad.

Welbert is a lover, who likes the girls
he also is akin to hunting
of trespassing squirrels

HE likes to curl up within my lap
where we both slumber off
and take our afternoon nap

Some might say he is lazy and fat
I know differently about my precious cat.