Muhammad Khalid Khan

Wear Me As Dress

Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan lives in Abbottabad Pakistan.His pen name is Mehr which means Love and Sun in Urdu and Persian. He did his F.Sc and B.A from Government Post Graduate College Abbottabad afterwards he did his Masters in English Language and Literature, LLB, Masters in Educational Adminis…

My sweetheart wants to wear me like her dress
But on every weekend you change it i do guess
I know, you do know which button is to press
For good players love is a game but like chess

I have a keen eye on you knowing fully well
I consider in your heart I definitely do dwell
For lunatic lovers for me do remain under spell
I am in love and in real love I do love to excel

Please do wear me as many times as you desire
Make me stable and do throw some water on fire
Sell me as many times as you think and as aspire
If you change your attire I may in love do expire

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow