Wallace Dean LaBenne

Ways To Praise

Professor, therapist, author and poet.

There must be one hundred ways, both verbal and unspoken,
to anoint people in praise with a suitable token.

Statements of recognition, like "nice shot" or "job well done,"
can serve as approbation for accomplishments they've won.

Body-language laudations, like "thumbs-up" or pat-on-back,
can provide affirmation that they're on the inside track.

Letters of commendation, like a written work report,
can render a promotion as their substantive support.

Fiscal remuneration, like bonuses and pay hikes,
can offer acclamation and their fresh commitment spikes.

Symbols of adulation, like trophies, plaques and awards,
can furnish confirmation that their successes affords.

There must be one hundred ways to help people realize
that they are worthy of praise: through money, talk, sign and prize.

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