Calvin Morrow

Wax Wings

Calvin Morrow is an alias. All my poetry is about one single woman. I really like reviews so I can perfect it. Maybe one day she'll know...

Your image embodies my sweetest of dreams.
Your finely sculptured figure, so heavenly,
It forever amends my wildest fantasy
To see your face is to see my only dream

My sunshine reflected inside your eyes
My joy revealed in chorus with your smile
My delight manifested hearing your song
My enchantment strengthened seeing your sweetness

Your innocence mirrors my aspiration
Your serenity captures my heart's notice
Your demeanor extracts the best of me
Your nature leaves me helplessly breathless

To speak up my desire most deeply seeded
Please won't you come near, I'm much too cautious
Your company is my wish, oh so lofty
But to catch a shadow may well have to do

I'm wholly spellbound in the sweetest of ways
But with Icarus I may share the same fate
My makeshift wax wings simply will not sustain
My flight in such proximity to the sun