stan brierly

Walk a Little

I have been writing poems for forty years and written about all sorts of things. Somehow I get creating streaks and can write up to 4 or 5 poems at once of varying subjects. I find it is a good way to record events of the day and bring history to life.The mental aspect is a balance against keeping …

How often really do we walk on hallowed ground?
Heedless of the life that is there all around,
Stop and pause and have a closer look,
Life in abundance matching any story book.

Grasses and weeds they are there as one,
Compact and beautiful all seeking the sun,
Buttercups and daisies clovers and such,
Ryeand coxfoot plus others you don't touch.

Vibrating in the wind colourful they blend,
Worth every minute you are willing to spend,
The odd bumble bee alive and well,
Two on one plant and there's more to tell.

Note each flower delicate and bright,
Yellow and green also dark and light,
Those clover heads that wobble and sway,
Amazing to observe and see growth each day.

Suddenly they're gone cut down low,
Mown quite regularly of this we know,
Within a few days it's revitalised again,
Boosted by copious showers of rain.

Rising to my feet I casually walk by,
Pleased with this interlude and blueness of sky,
Looking up above clouds of white and grey,
Walks are exciting and beneficial each day.
About this poem;-
Daily I take my dog for a walk and this sight
is one of many that I see and appreciate, nature

is truly beautiful when you stop and enjoy it.