Aida Rose


What is your definition of love, baby, tell me everything!
I've heard it, I've seen it, but I never lived it
They say love is when you save your last piece of gum
And give it to that one person, even though your breath stinks
They say love is being able to spend countless hours
In eachother's ears, without ever getting tired
They say love is commitment and sacrifice
Understanding, communication, you gotta compromise
I also heard love gives you steady ventricular contractions
The type that turn you stomach into an insectarium
I was also told love is foolish and reckless
You kiss and make love with no thinking, no regrets
They say a lover is more than a partner, but a partner in life
There a billions of people on this earth
And to believe there is someone out there for me
To match all the criterias perfectly yet imperfectly
I'll wait, I'm willing to wait
For the kisses on the forehead and the play fighting
I'll wait, I rather wait
For the date nights in fancy restaurants
The skinny dipping at 3 AM in someone else's lake
Oh, I'm willing to wait, I swear I'll wait
For the "I do" because I won't ever want to spend my life with no one else but you
I rather wait, yes, I'll wait
To not only be a woman of my own, but a woman that's yours
I'll wait for you, yes, I will
I won't settle until I find you, yes, I will
Because there is probably 10 fake of you I'll meet along the way
But I'll know there is only one for you just waiting to come to me
In time, I'll wait
I'll forever wait!