Akira Dawn

Wailing the blues

I just thought it would be interesting to get a little feedback on what I write. It is often quite abstract and truly not great (this is not my self-deprecation shining through), but I would really love to improve.I am inspired by the works of Mark Twain in particular, he is amongst the wisest men …

Why do they call it the blues?
Nothing fills me with more glee,
Late night gray and green hues,
Regrets fade before you see.

These days doesn’t she miss me?
As I up and disintegrate your heart,
Eating my summer don’t ya see?
Undying hours set us apart.

“Elvis Costello is just like you”,
She says with a curling smile,
He doesn’t seem to know who,
Love and hates him in the while.

The cowboys sing and learn to dance,
I watch them slip and charmingly sway
Who would cry for another failed romance?
Let’s sip my tea as I fade away.

The saxophone begins to cry,
The piano holds back its ivory tears,
I'm so blissfully happy but why?
The Jazz playing covers all my fears.

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