stan brierly


I have been writing poems for forty years and written about all sorts of things. Somehow I get creating streaks and can write up to 4 or 5 poems at once of varying subjects. I find it is a good way to record events of the day and bring history to life.The mental aspect is a balance against keeping …

Horses I know their power is neat,
Steady and placid ideal on the street,
A covered wagon it serves very well,
Hooped and loaded carrying products to sell.

Holding the reins you have full control,
Three willing horses to manifest a goal,
Bridles and swingle-trees collars the lot,
This's your team the best you've got.

I've handled these sat on the seat,
Driven to markets many others I meet,
Backed and turned after unloading the stock,
Leaving the saleyards to drive down the block.

Backing between cars a delicate operation,
Care and understanding plus the horses co-operation,
Back at the farm you unharness and release,
Labour and that occasion was able to cease.

About this poem;
Seeing locally a wagon and horses made me
think of my own days a few years back when
taking stock to the saleyards by this means.