Myrna Irene Trotchie

Wade and Jennifer

It seems unreal...and even, unkind
Where did the time go?
Looking around in amazement, I see the past
Although, there is silence, I hear so clearly
His blue eyes dancing with excitement
The door swinging shut, as he enters
"Mum, you should have seen me"
I smile, as I see her bounce in behind him
Her ponytail loose and in such disarray
Amazement in her eyes and echoing in her voice
"Yeah, mummy, come see, he's awesome"
I love these small children, but I am busy
"Later" I say, "I am making supper"
They turn and leave just as quickly, as they came
Their voices and laughter trailing behind
Tears fill my eyes, for now I know
My heart aches for those two small children
So filled with possibilies and wonder
I dream of all the things I could have done
I wish for all the things I should have done