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Voice to values

I am (Hazel Shirley)Hazal Shirly Sameera Pulukuri,Research scholar in English Literature .A blog writer against stress.To educate people to live with positive attitude, to reveal beauty of life loving concepts and to relieve them from Stress and stress causing factors is my prayerful ambition.I adm…

“Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth.”
― Henry David Thoreau, Walden

Watch the darkness come,
You will know the value of Light.

Pray that storm cease,
You will appreciate the value of Stream.

It suffocates...when meant to walk in dusty wind,
You will admire the value of pleasant breeze.

Heartaches when enemy attacks from behind,
You will learn the value of a Friend,who turns as your Shield.

Disturbed when heard despised lies,
You will treasure the value of Truth.

Depressive when insulted by bad company,
You will adore the value of protection in the arms of your Family.

As you love to live each day to reach your destination,
Raise with self-esteem to respect values for Propagation.

Let 'Voice to Values' be proclaimed sincerely dreaming...
...to enlighten 'The Beauty of Every Living Being.'

  'Truth is the most Valuable.' - Hazel Shirley -

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