Mgbada chukwudi cletus

Virgin forest

Name:Mgbada chukwudi cletus occupation:student marital status:single sex:male state:Ebonyi state,Abakaliki. Country:Nigeria ABOUT HIM: He is a funny drud who does know his right from his left.Always carried away by his stoic words;which had variably and invariably,advertently and inadvertentl…

he exchanges blow with her;

raising his arm high
as he till'd the soil
making hips and ridges
high-low went his hoe
as he cut her short

she made him profuse
releasing euphrate and his kins-men
on him.
She lay her eggs on his skin pore;

the sun goes up and down over him,
as he crisps to meet up
the first yearly rain;
at evening,he takes his roasted yam and water
which was prepared by his grammy.

betimes long,
/the virgin forest
is twisted to a war camp,where beetles and weavens domicile,
competing for food and residues

towards november,
she breeds again
and he makes them away!