View from poetry earth

"My writing started when God showed me the pen, and I have been writing ever since then".

Everyone’s heart transcended through space
A multitude of Poet’s ideas, so follow me being a trace
We have a race against time
But keep that Poetry momentum in thinking of mine
Words that can be disbursed throughout the universe
A Poetry read not needing any rehearse
Sentences have found their new birth
It all started on good old Earth
Eye on emotion
The microscope being clarity
Our spacecraft into many worlds unknown
Saturn promoting a Poet’s writings
The Moon giving applause
The stars being are the attended read
Now let’s proceed
Like I said prior, we have a race against time
Tomorrow’s poetry word is yesterday gaining inspiration
Poetry words continue, but galactic expressions expand throughout the galaxy
A Poet echoes words throughout, and planets hear and shout
A Poet is more than a person living on Earth
A Poet has supernatural powers
They write for hours
A Poet writes until perfections transforms and is won
A true Poet knows when to the climax the finale being done
Now let’s head back to our Earth base home
We have taken poetry far and it will continue to roam
Time wasn’t wasted, but a Poet’s time in a galaxy spent.