Wallace Dean LaBenne

Unlit Candles Give No Light

Professor, therapist, author and poet.

Un-told yarns tell no tale.
Un-lit candles give no light.
Un-shared joys become stale and darken out of sight.
Un-kissed lips stir no fire.
Un-held bodies give no clutch.
Un-loved hearts sink in mire and plummet out of touch.
Un-ploughed fields bear no fruit.
Un-placed passions give no base.
Un-tried faith hugs no root and dwindles out of grace.
Un-moved feet find no dance.
Un-played music give no beat.
Un-brave souls take no chance and weaken out of bleat.
Un-kind acts show no care.
Un-paid honors give no praise.
Un-felt zeal has no flare and gyrates out of phase.
Un-fed birds sing no song.
Un-missed fervor gives no fate.
Un-bent pride stays too long and decays out of date.

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