Ashebea Amalya

Unlimited Wisdom

Wisdom is truth and lies exposed, only those enlighten will forever know.
So let there be light to the kings of ears, for it'll only be darkness to the ones that just... Hear.
Wisdom seems simple although its only common sense, but if we are not common with our selves then how would we ever know those senses.
It is wisdom that frees us from bad to good, without wisdom theres never knowing and peace that never could.
Ours lives are married to wisdom rather we dare to cheat on it or not.
It'll be wise to be aware for love and faithful care, or else you'll live a life of everlasting despair.
Wisdom is a must in the subject of trust, without faith in your wisdom it is nothing but lust.
It is easy to talk about, but hard to do. And is always discover-able but never new.
You can say it came as is like the sun or as history to a new born.
Yet we may be wise to the dumb as I tell it from my palms our intellect will come to prove we'll always still be dumb to wisdom and truth.