Maria Shaw

United we stand (chain haiku)

My writing delves into personnel issues and also situations, beliefs and events that touch me in some way or another. I hope you enjoy my writing and I look forward to hearing your thoughts. If you like my work please look me up: A big thank you to all who re…

Syria's skies cry
blooded tears fall from the sky
rivers run crimson.

Innocents slaughtered
for resisting the regime
for daring to dream.

Martyr's die in vain
as their voices are silenced
again and again.

I pray stop the pain
I beseech stop the killing
let peace reign again.

Dictators shake hands
with governments as blood flows
and weapons are sold.

Gases hit masses
chemicals pollute the air
do you even care.

Mother's hug babies
clinging tight with all their might
freedom slips away.

They pray for the end
they can't comprehend their plight
as the world sits by.

Voices of dispair
cry out to distracted ears
highlighting their fears.

Protest loud and clear
their future is in your hands
united we stand.