Wallace Dean LaBenne

Unique You Are

Professor, therapist, author and poet.

You are an expression unique in all the world.
There is no substitution when your "flag's" unfurled.

You are an audition unique in the New Age. There is no composition when you storm the stage.

You are an impression unique in logo print.
There is no intercession when you work a stint.

You are a discretion unique in fields of choice.
There is no circumspection when your mind gives voice.

You are an obsession unique in fetish craze.
There is no dispossession when you choose to daze.

You are a sensation unique to fashion style.
There is no trepidation when you flash a smile.

You are a reflection unique to counterpart.
There is no dereliction when you give your heart.

You are an ignition unique to many flames. There is no apparition when you freeze the frames.

You are a rendition unique to untold news. There is no presentation when you can bemuse.

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