Don Wells

Unclaimed Baggage

Round and round the luggage carousel of love in the great airport of life is my emotional baggage

Lost but not forgotten. Unmarked, unclaimed and unwanted.
It serves me no good purpose. I am better off without it.

Still it calls to me ...

"Come pick me up..." It whispers to me at 3am
"We'll go over old times..." It promises at 4am
"I miss you..." It lies to me at 5am

In my mind's eye I see it, a non-descript tan suitcase, eternally circling, eternally hopeful...

Perhap's tonight I shall go to the counter and claim it. Its the right thing to do and it'll be fun. After all We have a lot of history together...

... a lot of laughs... and, oh yes, a lot of tears, too.

A g*dd*mn lot of tears.

Maybe tomorrow I'll be up for the task. The re-union,
but not tonight.

For tonight I'll sleep without memories or regrets or desire.

There is no need to hurry.

It will always be there for me...

Circling and patiently waiting
-- dtw