Den Khaustov

Unbreakable Alliance

creative and elaborate person with avalanche of tangled thoughts roaming in the head that can unexpectedly align and pour out on a paper, forming a new piece of art

the sixth installment of the series including poems

Through the forgetfulness she feels
The hand caressing her wet cheek
And falls again head over heels
In love that makes a mind weak.

He's not the same, but so is she –
Eyes speaking into perfect silence.
Pain drowns in the wild sea
Along with omnipresent violence.

She can't believe that here he is.
The human mask, but straight behind
His lone immortal soul missed
The love that used to drive him blind.

What if it's just insane, unreal
Mirage deceiving her with grace?
Then why do bleeding gashes heal?
The suffering his touch allays.

The rain is chilling fervent kiss,
That falling water doesn't stop.
Angels up there make it ease
So the heartbeats they can eavesdrop.

Lips soak up what heavens spill,
Their bond unbreakable alliance.
What's kept inside they don't reveal,
For hearts can read between the lines.