Prince Saremu

Um yrroS

Confusion anger paralyzed & pain
 Strange call came with sound of broken
 Like a sharpest knife is cutting my vein
 Wish I'll be in a mute mode forever & never spoken

 Another year gone that driven me insane
 Then I decide to move on
 It's hard for me to break this chain
 Why you are back when I'm already gone

 You asked me to write my own story
 When I did You back again with sea of sadness
 Don't know what I've done & um really sorry
 It's like um being your circle of darkness

Everyday is filled with pain
I asked you to write your story alone
 But never feel that you're to blame
Sometimes life breaks ... so all what you have to do
Is move on

My feelings are all for you
I'm afraid to repage our story
Then If you go again and change me like a shoe
You will no longer be in my book
So the case is closed ... and Um yrroS