Kumar Kamal


Imagine there`s no segregation,no class
Imagine we`re all same-all sisters,brothers
and kins,all the makings of One Great King
Imagine there`s no hunger,there`s no pain
Imagine there`s no blackorwhite,no viles
Imagine every place is our home,and every
home a temple of Peace and Bloom
Imagine there`s no visa,passport
Name,glory,fame;pomp,power,path of mud or
gold;imagine you and I and they`re all the
same birds of Game
Imagine there`s no money,mist,violence
Imagine this world is a violin,a flute of
all curing notes;imagine there`s no religion
We come ,We go
This is the eternal Truth
Why,how,what,where,but,or,as,if exit no more
Imagine there`s no schools,there`s no books

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