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Two Daughters Of A Jackal

d-ory@hotmail.comIf I try to describe myself I can't cause I don't really know. I think I'm a bunch of different personalities in one body. I' am dark and a little depressed behind closed doors. But towards my friends I' am confident and happy. I struggle for acceptance from people but I do a great…

Two daughters of a jackal once roamed this land.
With one look of seduction a man's ego would turn to sand.

They would burn our villages and play havoc on young minds.
They would torture young mothers and curse their babies blind.

We would look upon our village then rebuild what had been burned.
Then an evil wind would pillage and two daughters of a jackal had

One day they disappeared.
Some say they died from all their hate and vicious crimes
Others say they married demons and became two blood stained

When I think of how lucky I am to be alive.
I feel sorry for the two daughters of a jackal for not knowing the
love of human kind.