Norman Wilson

Twenty-Third Floor

IntroductionForgotten are the times the tick of a clock once chimed sobering sounds that caressed my hearts nightly dreams. As I awaken to the touch of light that burns upon a candles wick flickering my words for all to see. This drives my thoughts through the darkest of nights of loneliness that r…

Twenty-third Floor

Sheltered in sleep
on the twenty-third floor
 from which
a thud fills the air outside my door.

In the darkened night
in Niagara Falls
they say the knocker walks
in the Seneca halls.

They also say
when the rain drops
the knocker comes a thudding
with a banging chop.

Buried beneath the blankets
on my bed
thoughts of many
rush through my head.

Could it be the haunting dreams
that I think so much about
or is it the breath of my dread
that causes my fright to shout.

I lay in a room
where walls surround
in fear of the knockers thud
and his provoking sound.

While a mist from my window
shows through the one-way glass
the knocker thuds once more
filling my senses with angst and crass.

I slide further under my coverings
in the blackened night
for the fright that stirs
in the halls beyond heaven's light.

I dare not answer to his beckoning
as my body may be all
but bones drenched blood.

On the twenty-third floor
I do hide
with the Holy Bible
I clutch next to my side.

The thud now stops
with the coming morning sun
my fear is now over
for the night is done.

As I pack my bags
and put on my sun blocker
I shall never to return
to the sound of the knocker.