Norman Wilson

Trumpet Sounds

IntroductionForgotten are the times the tick of a clock once chimed sobering sounds that caressed my hearts nightly dreams. As I awaken to the touch of light that burns upon a candles wick flickering my words for all to see. This drives my thoughts through the darkest of nights of loneliness that r…

Trumpet Sounds

From the valley
they mounted
before hell's fury
under the fire of guns.

To the sound
of Boots and Saddles
amid a veil of dust
onward they rushed.

In powdered mist
riders were falling
like water flowing
in buckets of blood.

As a call went out
to blow the bugle
from a hasting death
face down in mud.

Signal Recall
and play it well
bring our riders
back from Satan's lair.

While the dead
still ride
onward to hell.

The battle
was fierce
and many died
on this fatal day.

It is time
once more
to hear
your trumpet cry.

Blow it now
for pity sake
Blow it
For the breath it takes.

Let them hear
the loud notes
of your trumpet
dance on the air.

Then play taps
For all who fell
as I kneel
with eyes closed
to pray.