Amir Samji

Traveling against tide

When traveling against tide
Not going to meet your bride
Can't swim against the tide
Go with right to have pride!

How long going to continue; and how far?
Sense the sensitivity of situation in; we are
Take a long breath; think where we are?
Control emotions; have passions; be at par

In mind; you have rush of railway station
To relieve you; let train go from station
Will help you to come out of confusion
To refresh; that will be the best option

Hope; you will thinking in right direction
In planning; have made some corrections
Will awake areas; whicn were not in action
Give you fresh start like lush green garden

Now; train is on its way back to the station
Be ready to charge back mental combustion
Don't wait; decide to move in right direction
That will help you to accomplish your mission