Torn Pictures

I'm Scottish born in 1987.

Fossilized in the dust your high heels imprinted
Lipstick signature on the cheap glass
Red wine dormant not a hint of turbulence
Jerking frustration at the loss
Plunged into angst and left to contemplate,
Woefully sober and ever distant stare
Bellowing despair...

Begin the foraging, weight against the wall
Look towards the core, my eyes copy the dripping taps
Split wood and debris litter the floor, and it will for evermore
Once a valiant steed, now I’m just a broken oar
It all becomes too much to bare
Spiralling despair

Turn in mind, breaking sun
Bright lit pathway, a bridge, a gun
Man made elixir yet unseen
I can always hope, I can always dream
The electric messages grin and bear
Wallowing despair...

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