Wallace Dean LaBenne

Tooth Ache

Professor, therapist, author and poet.

Your sweetness makes my tooth ache, a pain from blob to glob.
Your sourness makes my heart break, a bane from throb to snob.

Your goodness makes my soul nest, a still from dawn to gone.
Your badness makes my core wrest, a chill from pawn to fawn.

Your cuteness makes my smile bright, a grin from dear to cheer.
Your drabness makes my stage fright, a spin from leer to sneer.

Your kindness makes my spark coil, a flash from pan to fan.
Your meanness makes my blood boil, a slash from can to ban.

Your smartness makes my mind wise, a soar from try to sky.
Your dimness makes my angst rise, a bore from cry to sigh.

Your warmness makes my love yearn, a glow from game to flame.
Your coldness makes my grit spurn, a blow from blame to shame.

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