Edward Gonzalez

Tomorrow Never Dies

I see love n life in new ways now that im truly awake these daysWich have led me to write with sway.

no longer the need for dreams
for a web of God's who never sleep
just another one who's dreams are of enormous feats
history and truth faded wars to define I
righteousness has come to fade with time
a world ever waiting for tomorrow never dies

fine n dined we can't help but scream to the world n whine
how I ask why ,about this Apple we seem wanting over to start fights
to foolish n so sorry was I to have tried
now the only lights I see are the stars up high
should we ever see them go out, then we'll know we weren't right
hoping we will be invited to a tomorrow never dies

an endless searching for that ever ideal of mine
updating, refreshing n,selling my self to see the idea of that starting line
an unblinking eye saying that its our idol on the world thats our crime
a universal record of ideas,ideals,and idols to the flying skies
for sorry when leaving for when tomorrow never dies the startling gloomy moon hearing our cries
staring at our souls the shine in our eyes
I leave our words inscribed on the endless hall of a world where tomorrow never dies

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