Derrick Puente

To the Shepherds of Thought

"From the sublime to the ridiculous, is but a step"- Napoleon Bonaparte

I knew nothing
You revealed all
I became Alexander
You Aristotle

Weaned at your knee
By your manna teachings
Like Copernicus you
Made all things far-reaching

The rules that you taught
The laws and the creeds
Grew in abundance
Like a small mustard seed

At the hem of Christ
I learned peace and truth
Watered I grew
From the smallest of roots

The universe was opened
By the key of Einstein
A teacher like that
A true one of a kind

Walls became vapor
Words became power
Like Socrates fortitude
The eternal tower

You opened the book
Of eternal though
The Caesars of old
Rose out of naught

The sun became present
I understood
That though I was mortal
One day I could-

Become Solomon
With the treasures of mind
Bending space as Newton
Did in his prime

You granted the keys
To the impossible dreams
To comprehend the seas
And space fabric seams

Aurelius you are
Plato you were
Out of fear
You made mirth

You granted me wings
To unbound the mind
Giving me a vision
To become one with time

How can one thank
The emancipator of
The human condition
Only with love

Wherever you are
The many you've been
Immeasurable thanks
For giving me wings.