Iliyan and Nellya Yurukovy

To the grandson in birthday!

Iliyan Yurukov graduated from the university in Ashkhabad! Children's doctor (pediatrician)! Nellya Yurukova graduated from the university in Ashkhabad (History and Philosophy)! Collaboration in medicine and poetry!Creativity beginning Facebook! Hobbies photo, design, esoterics, music! Diviz Per as…

To the grandson in birthday!
Today the grandson has a big holiday!
And all hurry it to congratulate.
And I want to wish with the kind soul.
Some desires to write to it.
It is brought very up, diligent, clever.
Still it is mild and tender.
And to the purpose it seriously moved.
I graduated from decently medical higher education institution.
Perfectly already composes verses.
Are serious his ideas, calling to the world they.
In the computer the master and the sites conducts.
Perfectly owns a feather.
And he achieved everything.
With knowledge business conducts.
Let to it will carry to lives.
Makes diagnoses seriously always.
And in therapies it is strict.
Descendant it nice and wise doctors.
And knowledge of traditions honors.
Let everything will finally come true.
That I wished you.
Iliyan my loyal friend.
My beautiful and nice grandson.
Fira Zavyalova.