Anthony BamBam Thomas

To My Sister Blanca

Just a man with a pencil spillin his heart with no regrets.

Beautiful as the name you were given,
You are a white rose…
It was a perfect decision.
Delicate and so sweet,
You stand out from the rest,
Not only my sister…
As a friend you are the best.
You are a are a model
there’s so much more… I could say,
Like you’re my inspiration…
I hope to be like you one day.
I watch and admire
All the things that you do,
I love you… my sister
This is true… so true.
Your dedication to the family
And the way that you express,
Only deeply reinforce…
all the things that I have said,
Your skills are so abundant
You are a treasure to my world.
Then you even made it better
With my nieces… your two girls.
I reminisce… and I can see you dance,
Your reading, your novels
like in a trance.
And all the talks we use to have
I know there’s more to come,
and I’ll take them all to heart
Cause you’ll always be the one,
My sister... an idol...
A woman I hope to become.

Inspired by a sister's love