eliseo guerrero cervantes

To Marianne, My Firstborn

My dear child, it seems only just yesterday,
That--in a dream, I saw this "special day"
Coming, and this little scene, now--reality:
You're not at home...living miles away,
And on the phone, one morning quite early,
I felt a divine and impelling sense to say--
"Your mom and I are thinking of you today...."
And with pen in hand, I wrote these words--
"The happiest mom and dad in all the world...."
Indeed, the day you came...and we are still,
And also grateful to God, and proud, as well,
Of the daughter that you are to us--an angel.
Now, listen with your heart, as I tell you why,
Everytime I think of the day you came, I cry.
Once, there were two worlds: your mom and I--
Far apart; now, there's only one--under one sky,
Because you came, one blessed night of July.
So, as you celebrate this special day--remember,
That we are with you--in joyful praise to God.
Have a "Happy Birthday, my dear child!"

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