Ayubkhan U

To Make a Better Planet-A Poem

Hi this is Ayubkhan.U from Chennai-India. I am a Poet and Advertising Copywriter based at Chennai. I have written more than one hundred poems and posted the same in my various blogs. I am also a Softskill trainer specialized in Communication skill. I have written many Reviews, Short Stories and Chiā€¦

I am looking at this new world!
As the birds are joyful, flying high in the sky!
And so my heart, joyful and confident!
This change of thought is meaningful and useful indeed!

There is love in my heart,
Love to serve the needy and poor!
Being selfless is a better way to live!
A way to make this earth a heaven!

Let's bring peace to our planet,
Through our good deeds, isn't it?
Let's make our life simple,
By leading a life of contentment!

All the goodness are within us,
Let's spread the news of goodness!
We are united by heart, aren't we?
Let's make this world a best place to live!

A Poem by Ayubkhan.U

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