Taleshia G MCcray

To John you are only man i want in my life

I fill my arms with thoughts of
thee and press the common air.
They eyes are gazing upon mine.
My lips are always touching thine
at morning,noon,and night.
I want never let you go
so me God.I care so much about
you and i love you to much i'm
in to deep.I'll be here with you
forever stil day once us die.I want
you to know i believe in you very
much.You are a great person and i
know that you can hold on keep
your head up high don't let the
world get you down.I have faith
we will make it i know that we
can do.You are the love of my
life.We will never be separate
from each other.I love you so much
baby.I'm so in love with you!

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