Barbara Cadogan

To a Wistful Friend

I am a Registered Nurse, and first started to write poetry when I was about 18 years old. I have written several poems on a variety of subjects, and enjoy poems that are light and filled with humor. I feel that a good poem like a painting, is able to evoke a variety of emotions, whether sad or chee…

We talked today, I felt the strain.
I wanted to reach out and ease the pain,
To comfort you, and see that smile again,
But it was all in vain.

It makes me sad, when you feel blue,
Wish there was something I could do,
Some words of comfort say, however few
To soothe a wistful you.

I know this feeling will not last.
Time has a way of dealing with the past,
But looking then, through life's dull glass
Time stands so still. Alas!

Things will get better, I promise.
I'll bet my life on this.
There has to be some instant bliss,
Something you can't resist.

So fear not now my dear,
Today's dark skies will clear,
If it takes forever, or a year,
For you, I'm always there.

Barbara A. Cadogan © 1982