Satya Pattnaik

Title of Poem## 2011-THE SOLITARY SENSATION ##

To me at the stroke of the mid-night it came
Laying a kiss on my forehead it uttered
Farewell O Farewell!!
Quite busy I was though for the homecoming
Of the a new era, a new time to rejoice
Fancy ornaments, candles, colourful rainbow lights
Selective origami, shiny decorations, dreams, urges & beats
And what else not adorned my way
Caught me occupied all the time!!
But it was fuming away all along like a melting candle
With a few seconds of its perish left
Face glittering full of stars
Trembling were the lips
Eyeballs struggling amidst the drowning tears
Broken was it down with sorrow of separation
I felt it standing on the parting carpet
After spreading gushes of colourful dreams & beliefs
I bid a good bye it said
Warm Coffee was all I offered
Asked it to have a seat in my Drawing Room
Unstable like the coffee vapour it acted
Clenching my hands with it aching palms
With steam choked voice it blurted
The faith is that I have in you
Will never you let the memories forget?
Tears were slowly filling my eyes
I quite unaware of it
Before me was standing a stature of sorrow
It's the time to go, showed its eyes
Elephant and a Horse is that I gift you
Leaving behind the footprints with curtains of memories I go
Race the time with the horse and
Fight the troubles with the elephant it said
Rise wills the moon yonder the house
Right at mid-night it melted before my eyes
Flamed away the last dreams of glow
Came now the new time, the new dreams
But still was the coffee cup staring speechless all alone.