Ian Sawicki

Time Screams

Ian Sawicki has been writing poetry for over twenty years. He is a Manchester born poet, who has dedicated his life to exploration and composition of poetry. His work reflects the many great influential experiences of his life, the pain, the pleasure combined to create new exciting poetry. If anyon…

The mind's mental phenomena is crushed
as bricks of possibility crash through
tense language; psychologically bruised,
and the spirit's stuttered Morse-code taps tears
which slip across wild cut-throat agony.

Violent headaches torment with thumbscrew sighs
while seaweed wreckage cast vegetative
adjectives onto shores of poetry,
peppered eyes wave dark coloured instruments
then blink destruction in honour's cold name.

Physical extremes slice watered down love
into manageable demands, and hands
tie knots of progress in humanity's
whiplash deterioration, time screams,
civilisation's self-indulgence snaps.

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