Amir Samji


As well said 'time and tides are wait for none'
If you combine time & intellect you are done
Time is precious, golden moment to have fun
Avail, even a single second to make great run

Those who were great used their time wisely
They used it, and came out with it precisely
Those were their aims, shot up, and got firmly
Were sincere in cause, & sane intellectually

Time is ticking, to warn us, to become sane
Follow your elders; to get yourself trained
Not going to loose anything, if follow them
Use wisely otherwise, will be always in pain

See, this beautiful world, has gone through same
They are telling their stories of glory, and fame
No one is going to rescue, if you miss the train!
It is a lifetime opportunity, something must gain

Whatever you do, once it has gone, gone for ever
Take advantage of it, prove that your are clever
Remember, and realize that you're limited in time
This opportunity, you get only once in a lifetime