Christina Peskowa

Tides Enslaver

Hello, my dear readers! My name is Christina - I'm from Ukraine. I love poetry and write myself. Since 2012 I started writing in English - before that I was writing only in my native languages - Russian and Ukrainian. My poems are written in a simple English and are easy to understand. My topic is …

I see deep and endless sea –
Feel your soul – that is so free…
Want those sun rays – from your heart –
Touched my skin, kissed every part –
Of my body…salty breeze
Brings your scent, and pure kiss
Melts with your taste, and with mine…
Set me free – and cross that line!
You are so free – as the sea…
And you mean so much to me…
But I can't be one for you –
Golden cage can kill you soon…
You are flying with the wind –
I will never cut your wing.
You belong to nature – but!
Still I keep you in my heart)