Kumar Kamal

Tickle By Her Teeth

Tickle by her teeth the love prince leap
right in the slippery,sleepy hollow of peace
slip away,slip away,slip away forever in her
moonlit love-stream
Tickle by her teeth the love prince speaks
O dear Dayna don`t eat me please-Am the One
who brings you dreams
While I scream she yields;While she screams
I yield-tickle by her teeth rainbow kiss
Heaven`s lips-troughs & crests of the sunlit
waves break,break,break upon her soft,sweet
sylvan breasts
Patel girls,patel girls palatial parks
patriarchial pubs;temple bells inquire,ask
alaknanda`s beauty unmasked-darkness undress
young girls`s lust-infinite sea-men flow
through the Domain deep,dark,dark,dark
She`s in me,I`m in she recoils,relaxes,
rebound,resip the lovejuice of adam and
aphrodite `neath soft,sweet,moonlit-sheath

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