Mistyrose Ok

Ticked Off – A Chiggers Point Of View

That's your problem to cope.
You wish I would go, Nope!
Try your raid, I have no fear.
The fact is I'm staying here.
Even if you call me a chigger
And walk on my turf, remember,
That now I get to conceal and carry.
Nothing you do will get rid of me.

I took up arms against you once,
Born on a path taken by chance.
Who invaded whose borough?
I claim this as my own burrow.
It's a long hike from here to there,
But don't suggest bussing is fair.
Never more will I hitch a ride,
I plan to dig in right at your side

As it takes all week to scratch out a living,
I might raise the roof of blisters I'm getting.
You think I'd give you the shingles? I said,
Pox on all of you, and watch the tan turn red.
You have no white collar flight option.
My waking presence you cannot shun.
You may d*mn me as a chigger again,
But I'll still find a way to get under your skin.

I claim this space from waist at the fence.
But I don't like, at the rear, alien residents.
It's so irritating you see, for free,
They moved in right next to me.
To skirt the surface of matters,
These blood sucking neighbors
Compete in the same space I made.
They tick me off, this trail I laid!

Just try to pick them off one by one,
Their kids crawl up the drain back again.
They play hide-n-seek round my dark shadow.
I have depth, so to me they seem shallow
And you can't break through their shell.
They get into your hair and then you swell
From the vampire bite of that pimp tick.
Did you get a fix on this chigger's trick?

Ticked Off – A Chiggers Point Of View
by MistyRose ™ © 11 May 2012

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