Kassandra M. Konecny

This Time is Different

Kassandra Konecny is a lover of listening to music, hiking in the mountains, and observing the way people act. She began writing vigorously when she was fourteen and will hopefully never stop. She has had her fair share of trials lately, and tries to encompass nearly every subject there is to study…

The heart is too full;
it’s spilling over onto everything,
oozing off and contacting it all.
The fall didn’t hurt,
no, not as it has before:
violence no more will be cradled
inside this life.
This slow slide into uncertainty
certainly serves this body well,
for the swelling inside the heart
does, in part, stay to dwell.
Ring, Bell, Ring!
and tell the people of this:
perhaps in bliss there is faith.
Ding, dong, Ding!
and raise all attention
to the lack of tension in my heart.

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