Rick McDonald

They Say

DoB:May 28,1976 Hometown:Springfield,Missouri Sex:Not Often Email:r1ckjam3s@hotmail.com

They say "love thy neighbor...unless he's different",
if that's the case, then keep your distance.

They say "support your leaders in this war we wage",
but no beer for you, you're underage.

They say "YES WE CAN.. let's make a change",
left wing, right wing it's all the same.

They say "A penny saved, is one you've earned",
unless you stole it, then you'll burn.

They say " Youth is wasted on the young",
but all of your wisdom is making me numb

They say " A picture is worth 1000 words",
but actions speak louder, or so I've heard.

They say"Unless you are perfect, then cast not a stone",
then their volley of words, cuts to the bone.

They say " time will heal all of your wounds",
from time to time they still speak the truth.

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