Joe fritz

the wind blows

The things that i write about are from personal experiences or from my heart, and even from my soul I love to read and write, I also write songs. Many of them

As the wind blows through a valley of dandelions

It creates a flow much like the ocean,

Waves crashing upon one another

In a sea of green and yellow

Upon the breeze, a smell of sweet love

Much like the fragrance of a woman's soul

Vibrant and mystical, creating an endless flow of everlasting imagination

Needing nothing more, than to have one gaze upon her in awe

Wanting for nothing, and having it all,

Believing that love is eternally bound

As the wind blows, the sounds of her become clear

For those, that are willing to open their minds

Letting their conscience guide their hearts

Through the fields of a woman's soul