Ravish Kumar

The Whole Night

You are the night,
You are the light,
that make me even bright.

You are the boon,
You are the moon,
That I saw whole night.

You are the dream,
You are the stream,
That I feel so light.

"Why don't you joining me."

You are the one,
I sung,
for the years of my life.

You are the deep,
I slipped,
hopping for my life.

Soft touch,your touch
Getting me to brust.

"Why are you kidding me"

Come once, come once
Dream my single night.
Let's make, let's make,
my dream ever bright.

Grab me in your eyes,
Keeping away the shy.
"I'm just waiting for you."
 only you.

Make me feel you right,
Let me see you bright.
Make me hold you tight,
Let me touch your sight.

"I'm dreamming for."
The whole night.

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